Hello and I'm Fernys. I'm a glitch if you wasn't aware and I do art too.
Also, Butts~
sidebar art by RedBlooperStuff.

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So I have a headcanon that the Fazbear crew have their own cartoon show outside of the entertainment center - Which is to say I wanted an excuse to draw a cute Foxy where he could have stupid pirate adventures. Will I draw the rest of the gang? Not even I know the answer.
Track: "Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Theme (Yoshi's Island Soundfont)"

♥♥ childhood

Probably spent way too much time on this “sketch” but eh, I’m fairly happy with it. Tried a bit different background this time, to fit Midna. Though I’ll probably hate it when i wake up in the morning haha.

i need one of these